Monday, January 29, 2007

Bleeding lights and monkeys on the road

I was routinely late this morning leaving to catch the bus down to school, missing which would cause me to have to drive a good 45 minutes on my own fuel one-way. As usual I didn't defrost my windows as my front windshield had been anti-frosted from the "no-snow" cover I received for Christmas from my in-laws. I also didn't realize that my lights were frosted over, also limiting my vision. Usually by the time I'm out of the parking lot I can begin to see. I could see the lines in front of my car, and the colors of the stop lights ahead, so I figured I was good to go.

I got up early this morning to get some reading done (what I'm supposed to be finishing up right now, but if I read much longer I'll end up asleep anyways) and pushed myself to the limit.

Back to my drive to the bus station. I'm driving down the road and some color-blind monkey decides that his bleeding red light is really a green one and that it is OK to turn right in front of me as I'm going 45 mph! I didn't have to brake, luckily his depth perception wasn't off and he could tell I wasn't there yet. He then (probably feeling guilty for his stupidity) decides to stop at the next light.

I pass him up, wanting to keep the distance between him and me as great as possible. The road began to narrow, there were flat orange candy-cane striped cones lining the road on the right side, forcing us to move closer to the on-coming traffic. My windshield wasn't defrosting as good as it normally does, and as I'm approaching the light, there's a truck stopped at the light directly in front of me (I was not turning left). As I'm approaching the red light a big fat monkey is turning right on the street coming head-on directly into my lane! I start honking and it takes him a good ten seconds to realize he's not on the right side of the road! Once the light is green I have to go into the wrong side of the street to get out of the way of the monkey who thought the turning lane was the far right lane for opposite traffic.

I made it to the station safely and have decided to make sure I get out of the house earlier to be better prepared to face the moronic monkeys that plague the streets.

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