Friday, January 12, 2007

Irony, Sweet Irony

Today has been a very good day so far. I was able to sleep in for an extra hour because I don't have any classes today. I left a little later than I should and ended up getting to the bus station a minute or two after the bus was scheduled to leave. Much to my surprise there was a long queue of people still waiting for the bus that still hadn't arrived. I joined the line and about 15 minutes later the bus showed up. So even though the bus was late, it was all to my benefit.

I arrived at school and picked up a few things, including batteries for my new Mp3 player I got for Christmas. I found a table and settled down to do a little homework for my classes next week. I was slightly annoyed that I had brought my Mp3 player, just bought new batteries, but had forgotten that I didn't have any ear phones. I even more wished for some sort of ear plug when the guy next to me decided to listen to some sort of Asian dialog fairly loud on his computer.

I was able to finish my assignment just in time to catch the bus that would take me to work. As I got on the bus I was reveling in the warmth of the bus that my bus pass allotted me and kept me from an otherwise cold ten minute walk in the falling snow, mud/slushy roads, icy sidewalks, 18 degree weather to work. I decided to put the batteries in my Mp3 player (a set of ear phones would be awaiting me at my desk at work.) I became a little distracted and when I looked up, I didn't recognize where I was. Much to my chagrin I missed my stop by about 15 seconds, and the next one wasn't for another 300 yards. I was let off on the next stop and had to walk ten minutes in the snow to work and arrived five minutes later than I had desired.

All in all it was a good morning and I had a hearty chuckle. :)

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Aimee said...

Lee, you are so funny!