Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ISys 532: Enterprise Information Architecture

I did take a look at the Google Web Toolkit before class today, I just didn't make time to write anything about it. I did find it a little intimidating, though it did bring back "fond" memories of the java boot camp we went through our first year in the Information Systems program. I really would like to find a good way to integrate it into my time I have on the side, or some time in the future. The wall I tend to run into often with programming is that I have no idea what use I could put it to. I think I've tried looking around the web for some good programming ideas but have never found anything intriguing.

Today's class was very interesting, somewhat of a blur. I'm finding that I probably should have brushed up on my programming and other skills (mainly Java and the design patterns-e.g., MVC, decorator, etc.) from the Core before the start of this semester. The overall concept was quite clear though. Dr. Liddle did a good job of introducing the topic of enterprise information architecture and helping understand what it is. That it is the organization of the vast amount of data of a given organization.

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