Monday, January 22, 2007

WA: Malicious Code

Hey everyone! I've made my first contribution ever to a wiki. This one happens to be on BYU's eBusiness wiki. The article talks about different types of malicious code and different ways to prevent it. Check it out- eBusiness Wiki: Malicious Code.

One of the resources was a lecture given at BYU by Reind van de Riet on the topic of "Guaranteed Technological Security." Unless you're very familiar with MOKUM (
Manipulating objects with knowledge and understanding in MOKUM) it is very technical, and there is no view of the lecturer's projection slides. It basically deals with this idea of allowing for the manipulation of objects to be secure, or having the right controls on the given object. For instance, you have object C and object O. C wants to access an attribute of O. Somewhere in the MOKUM system there's a procedure which has to determine the appropriate access to grant C.

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P Clint said...

Lee - great wiki post! You found some excellent resources and integrated them well. I especially thought that chart from the Computer Securtiy Institute with dollar amounts of damage attached to different security threats.