Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Web Analytics: Blendtec

Online videos are a genius way to get in touch with the people. The key is obviously making them creative enough, wacky enough, enticing enough to get people to go there voluntarily. The whole reason people skip over commercials on TV is because they're interested in the show they're watching and get upset with the interruption, or just the fact that they can now Tivo the commercials out. By creating advertisements that people want to see it is more likely that they will consider the product you are marketing, or at least spread the word about the commercial to their friends. I thought that AE's and Office Max's approach was very good. As I was reading before I got to that section I was thinking that these companies that have such successful videos online should try to integrate them with other TV commercials and hopefully people would recognize them before skipping over them. Granted, that is a costly risk, but if it's anything like Blendtec or Tango who knows how far the success will go. With the online advertising, I think a lot of the success comes from product placement within the advertisement. Who cares if the commercial has the product as the focus of its content, as long as the advertisement is entertaining and has the product somewhere in it, it should be good.

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Stephen said...

Nice summary. We ought to have a contest to see who can make the best ISys 590R ad.