Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Web Analytics: Marketing

Today's lecture was very informative. I didn't actively participate in the lecture, but I rarely do. We discussed what the differences were between e-business and regular business. I sensed a little confusion in the class with regards to the question due to a hesitancy in answering the question. In my mind there really is no difference between e-business and regular business, at least now there isn't. Sure when e-business first appeared decades ago (it doesn't necessarily refer to an online presence) there may have been differences. Presently those differences are becoming so small, the two once separate disciplines are continuing to converge, and in my opinion they are one and the same.

Dr. Rogers provided us with a much needed review of marketing and online marketing in particular. One thing I thought particularly interesting was when somebody brought up YouTube and advertising. I didn't realize that most of the videos on there are there to try to get people lured to the creator's website. Most of the time there are some pretty sleazy videos at the top spots, but those are the one's that draw attention, and therefore are "best" for advertising.

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