Thursday, February 22, 2007

Omens, Luck, and Parasitic Trash

Today as I was driving down to Provo, engaged in an Anne Perry audio book, a large piece of trash was floating in the air threatening each car that passed under it with attachment. I, too, was hoping to be spared driving the remaining half of the journey with this piece of trash on my car. I was not so fortunate. My overly conspicuous antenna grasped the trash and waved it in the air for all to see. It was over one and a half times the length of my car. I'm sure the drivers around me felt my pain, as they had all hoped to be spared the attack of a lifeless parasite; but the drivers I would encounter ahead of me would laugh me to scorn and I had no way to say, "I didn't put it there, honestly!" It was a good 5 to 10 minutes before the leech released itself from my car and attacked another car a few cars back. The rest of the drive was fairly normal.

I ended up getting to class a few minutes late, but before the instructor had started teaching--my first stroke of luck. The lab we were doing went fairly well, considering the fact that several of the people around me didn't have their computers configured properly (as none of us were sitting at the computers we had personally configured last class period). I, of course, had no troubles at all with my lab, and was able to complete it fairly smoothly. Luck had stricken me again.

I was told in my lab that I would have to do a pre-presentation of our website analysis during class (when I was hoping to be given that class time to prepare for the real presentation this evening). I thought my luck had ended.

Bowling was next. The last time I had bowled in a suit, I had performed miserably. Today however, was probably one of my best days ever. I first bowled a 131, not too bad considering my scores the last few weeks. But I was just warming up. I finished the hour bowling one more game scoring a lifetime high of 186, with two strikes in the last frame! Thank you Lady Luck!

To add the cherry on top (not a maraschino one, I don't like that kind), I don't have to present in class today, the person who informed me was misinformed, or was trying to pull a prank (and actually did, for I was fooled and scared).

This concludes the tale of the Parasitic Trash.

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