Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Omniture Competition Prelims

As an assignment, we were required to participate in the Omniture Web Analytics Competition held here at BYU. My group had been bogged down for a good part of the time we were given for analysis by other projects (if you read the Web Services Project Update, you'll be able to see why I had so little time for anything else.) So the last week we put our heads together and came up with what we thought was a fairly solid approach. Since the competition is over for our team, I might as well disclose our approach. We catered our presentation to the client's mission statement that we found on their home page (costumecraze.com).

We aimed our analysis at their goal for world-wide growth, improved online experience, and unbeatable prices. Though we didn't spend loads of time on the analysis (there's only so much you can do and be able to present it in only 6 minutes) we felt like we found some pretty solid recommendations that we could give. We rehearsed a couple times right before the real presentation, and felt like we were ready.

The presentation went well. I did my usual. I get really nervous, trip over my words, and deliver incomplete thoughts. Though I think I explained it well enough, as there was only one question directed to me and I was able to answer it. My other team mates did well, and with as few questions as were asked us after our presentation, we felt we did pretty good. Maybe we really did do pretty good, and everyone else did that much better, who knows. I think I might still go and see the final competition and try to win myself an ipod nano, that is if my wife isn't in labor :)

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