Monday, February 05, 2007

Roadkill and Flannel Jackets

Today I had to drive down to Provo for school, and luckily I had my wife's car which has special permission to travel in the car-pool lane by myself. I was cruising along on the empty morning roads in happy valley groovin' to the tunes of the Aquabats. As Captain Hampton was running away from the surprise attack of the fierce midget pirates of Willy Goat, a dead animal appeared right in the middle of my lane. I didn't have time to swerve out of the way, so I tried to align my car up so as not to hit it with my tires (it was a rather big obstacle, about the size of a bobcat). I didn't see it come out from under my car through my rear view mirror...uh oh. I heard something banging up against the bottom of the car and I was hoping the animal wasn't stuck to the bottom of the car. I could almost smell the rotting odor of the poor animal, and could imagine everyone looking at me as some cruel, unjust, animal abuser..."But I didn't mean too!!!" I tried changing lanes to see if it would come loose, but that didn't work either. I bit my cheek and made it all the way to school, hoping not to find anything stuck to the car. As I got out of the car, I looked under the car, and there it was...a large red flannel jacket! I had to laugh out loud, that was such a relief! And that was the beginning of my day!

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