Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WA: SiteCatalyst, Take 2

The time Dr. Liddle spent in class last week going through some of the online tutorials for Omniture's SiteCatalyst was very helpful. With as much as we have going on during the week, I would not have time to watch these videos otherwise, and they are very relevant to what I feel the purpose of the class is. I also agree with Ben Robison, in that we should make the class a discussion around the topics for which Dr.s Liddle and Rogers decide to show certain tutorials.

Specifically, we discussed the importance of key performance indicators. I remembered studying that term a little in my marketing class, and was exposed to it even more last year in my consulting class. We had to make sure we fully understood the expectations of the client for whom we were working, so that we could measure our success by the agreed upon metrics. We were able to better focus our meetings on those topics the client cared most about. What Omniture basically does is provide a service by which companies can better determine how their KPI's relate to their website, and how to better implement their online presence.

I've begun toying around with SiteCatalyst and find it fairly easy to work with. The hard part will be optimizing the data and combining it in ways to give meaningful data. 2 weeks doesn't seem like very much time to play with a tool like this, maybe our license will be extended because of our class :)

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