Monday, March 26, 2007

Bowling Scores (Updated)

I just have to brag. So, stop reading if you don't want to be jealous. Last Thursday was our League Day. Each team has 3 bowlers, and we're each supposed to bowl 2 games in our 50 minute class. If one player is missing, than the two bowlers bowl 3 games a piece. Well, I was rather unfortunate last week, and none of my team mates showed up! So I thought I'd try to bowl all six games! Here's the results
  1. 98
  2. 136
  3. 138
  4. 126
  5. 146
  6. 148
I was rather impressed, that as the hour went on, my game got better. I even had to switch to a lighter ball, because the one I usually bowl with (12lbs.) was slipping out of my hand, I was so tired. I really do think this class is helping me improve, I just don't know how often I'll need to go after class is over to keep somewhat consistent. Maybe I'll try documenting all the new things I'm doing...

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