Saturday, March 10, 2007

IA: Scaling a PostgreSQL DBMS

At first the research for this topic of scaling a PostgreSQL DBMS seemed rather daunting. I thought I would be able to simply enter "scaling postgres DBMS" into a google search, and there would be plenty of information. It wasn't quite that easy. The other groups in my class that were working on MySQL and SQL Server are probably having a lot more luck because those DBMS' are more widely used.

I haven't been totally unsuccessful with finding information on this topic. Some of the most helpful websites have been:
    • This site has a good list of postmaster options to adjust in order to drastically increase performance on your DBMS. It also includes a list of hardware that can be upgraded or its capacity increased in order to further increase the scalability of your database. There is also a short section on query tuning.
    • Another list of hardware configuration recommendations
    • There are several blog articles/entries by Josh Berkus on PostgreSQL performance enhancing and query tuning. These very well worth looking into.
I'll post more sources as I wrap up my portion of the research, and even post the summary of my research.

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