Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Out of the Ordinary Bowling Games

I've really been enjoying my bowling class. I never realized that there were other games you could play with a bowling ball besides the standard game. Here's a list of the games we've learned so far. If you know of any other game, or if the instructions aren't very clear, please feel free to comment.

Bowling Bingo

You need two people per team, each team with a bingo card, with numbers (repeats are OK) ranging from 1-20. is a good place to print up bingo cards online. The first player from each team bowls the first ball and remembers the number of pins knocked down (if the ball ends up in the gutter, you have to start over). Player one doesn't bowl a second time, but resets the pins so that all ten pins are back up. Player two then bowls and combines his pins knocked down with his team mates and then marks the appropriate bingo square. Once one of the two teams gets Bingo, the cards are cleared and play starts again.

Lowest score wins.

1. Strike = birdie (-1)
2. Each additional consecutive strike = eagle (-2)
3. Spare = par (0)
4. 1 pin left standing = bogey (+1)
5. Any number of pins left standing is plus that many pins to your score

The object of this game is to get the lowest score. It's not as easy as it sounds. The basic rules for scoring are

1. Gutter = Strike
2. Hitting no pins and not ending up in the gutter = 5 pins
3. Everything else is normal

A perfect Low-ball score is 20, with one pin being knocked down in each frame.

Example situation:
-Lets say you have 25 pins in the 5th frame and in the sixth frame you bowl a gutter and then spare, in the seventh frame you then first knock down 7 pins. Your score in the sixth frame would be 52 (10 for the spare, 10 for a gutter ball, and then 7 for the first bowl of the 7th frame.

One-frame each, against teams
You need two teams right next to each other with an equal number of players. The first two players step up and switch lanes on the first bowl. If either gets a gutter ball, it counts as a strike for the other team. After the first bowl each player must try to pick up the spare in their own lane on the second bowl.

(What about hitting 0 pins and not a gutter) Highest score wins.

Rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to go first. The first person to get a strike is 'X'. After that each spare or strike wins you the opportunity to mark your respective 'X' or 'O'. If you bowl a strike or spare and your opponent doesn't get a strike or a spare, you may get chance to go two times in a row!

Scotch Doubles
Find a partner. You and your partner will bowl using the same ten frames. One of you will start off with the first bowl. If you strike, your partner then starts the next frame. If you don't strike, your partner then must try to pick up the spare. After your partner bowls, you start the next frame again. Scoring is normal.

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