Tuesday, March 20, 2007

WA: Campaign Management

Campaign Management, in the context of web analytics, deals with the tracking of the success events stemming from email blasts, banner ads, or other forms of online marketing. The way these campaigns are tracked is via the URL (e.g., http://www.mycompany.com/index.asp?sc_cid=112233B) that is clicked (on the actual banner, or in the email body). The part of the URL that matters is called the query string parameter (everything after the '?'). The javascript on the page will then grab the query string parameter and report it to SiteCatalyst where you will be able to see the results of your campaigns in the Tracking Code Report.

Each element in a marketing campaign should have a unique tracking code associated with it. There are two ways to populate the campaign variable in the javascript on the web page.
  1. getQueryParam plug-in- retrieves the query string from the URL
  2. Assign a value to the campaign variable in the HTML on the web page (you may want to do this if you have a sales promotion web page)
A problem occurs when users entering a page through a campaign URL navigate to another page, then press the back button to take them back to the landing page and grabbing the query string parameter again. "To avoid this inflation of click-throughs, it is recommended to use the getValOnce plug-in to force each campaign click-through to be counted only once per session." (Omniture Implementation Guide).

Expiration setting allow you to track the tracking code over a certain period of time. If some one comes to your website via campaign tracked URL, bookmarks the page, and then returns a few days later and makes a purchase; as long as the expiration of the campaign variable is set to more than a few days, the campaign will be credited with the sale.

Setting Campaign Classifications allows you to track various campaign elements under one category. For instance your could have several banners hosted by Yahoo, each one with a separate query string parameter, but if they are all assigned to the Yahoo classifications, they will all be able to be seen in the Yahoo Classification Report.

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