Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Frucall, the smart way to shop

I was reading one of my more favorite blogs and stumbled upon a most ingenious new service called Frucall. I believe it's a play on the word frugal. The idea is best described in a situation.

Suppose you've just received some birthday money from aunt Bertha and you've decided you want a new watch. You're at the store and they've got the watch you want and it's being sold at 15% off of the original store price! The sale only lasts that day and you're not sure if you'll have time to check out other stores and get back to purchase it. You then remember that you've subscribed to the free service Frucall. You dial the number (1-888-DO-FRUCALL), enter the barcode of the item, and then you're told the range of prices that exact watch is being sold for on the internet. You then know where you can save the most money on that watch.

This is awesome! I tried this on a few items I had laying around my desk and sure enough it worked. Not only does it just tell you the prices, it lets you leave voice memos for certain items, bookmark certain items so you can come back to them and not have to remember the barcode. You also have the option to receive text messages with the prices, or browse the web on your home computer and enter in the product code and see the range of prices from Amazon.com, Froogle, etc. You also have the option to buy right at that moment from one of the sellers over the phone.

I hope this isn't sounding like a sales pitch, the service is free. I'm just excited because this is something I've always dreamed of, being the hesitant buyer that I am.

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Liliam Rodriguez said...

Thanks for mentioning Frucall! I am pleased to announce that we just launched our version 2 which will now allow our users to perform product searches via 2-way Text Messaging (SMS). Some users may also prefer to use our services from a data-enabled mobile phone or wi-fi enabled device. Please feel free to give them a try and let us know what you think!