Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How to Pick the Best Produce

I ran across a blog posting that outlined 5 steps to picking the best produce. I haven't had much of an opportunity to try them out for myself, but I'll be sure to do so and update this post when I do. Here they are:
  • "Good produce weighs more than you expect." Pick up several items and choose the heaviest one. "Works for citrus, works for corn, works for melons, works for tomatoes, works for celery, heck, it works for garlic bulbs…it just works for everything."
  • "Good produce smells good. If you don’t smell anything and especially if it feels light, it means it’s mealy and dry."
  • "Good produce has a firm cut end." If the end where the fruit is cut is mush or slimy, pass it by. "Side tip for corn: feel the tip through the husk. The fatter, less pointed tip is the ear you want. Very pointy tips means the ear hasn’t filled out."
  • "Good produce is not the biggest." The best size is medium to medium-small. Once the fruit gets much bigger the taste is diluted. A plant can only produce so much "sugars, acids, fragrances, flavors, secondary plant products, water."
  • "Good produce ripens with its friends... The truth is that many fruits ripen in the presence of ethylene gas, and that ripe fruit produces more ethylene gas. Baskets and bins often produce an enclosed space so that the fruit at the bottom of the bin or basket gets a bigger whiff of ethylene and therefore ripens faster."

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