Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WA: Choice Skills Navigation Bar Proposal

The below analysis is valid as of April 2, 2007.

I went through the web pages on ChoiceSkills.com and tried to understand where each link takes you. There were quite a few redundant links, and some of the options weren't quite intuitive to me. The "About CBL," "About Us," and "Character Education" are very similar, and could very easily be combined into one page.

The "Seven C's" product info is found on "Product Overview," "Character Education," "Teaching Social Skills," and "Social Skills Deficits." Since this is the flagship product it should be accessible from various pages, but not necessarily explained on every page.

The "Store" link on the top basically preforms a search on the shopping website that returns only 6 results. Because there are so few products, I don't believe the search is necessary. It wouldn't even bring back any results from a search on "character" or "attitude."

The Store Menu is different from the ChoiceSkills Menu (they're all part of the same website, just hosted by different companies at one point, and therefore different in layout.) Many of the options in that menu can be consolidated into the one on the main website. I've proposed something like the following to be next to the Choice Skills logo (if it is pushed off to the left-hand corner.

The menu structure would be as follows:

  • 7C's Books
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Digital Media
  • Posters
  • Children's Books
  • Character Education
  • Social Skills
  • Social Skills Deficits
  • (All 4 articles)
Other Resources
  • Character Ed and Social Skills Resources (Everything under "Helpful Links")
Customer Service
  • Policies
  • Order History
  • FAQs
  • Account Info
  • Password Changes
  • Contact Info
  • About Choice Skills, Inc.
  • About Character Based Learning

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