Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WA: Choice Skills Navigation Bar Proposal, part 2

To answer Dr. Liddle's question on what exactly I meant by consolidating some of the web pages, let me give an explanation.
  1. The product info page on the 7 C's is virtually the same as the "Teaching Social Skills" page located in the "Social Skills" menu under "Disciplines." The one thing that the Teaching Social Skills page has that the other doesn't is a few sample lessons from each of the books.
  2. The second redundancy was found under the Disciplines menu on the "Character Education" link. This is the same as the link located at the top of the page, "About CBL," except that it also has an introduction to the 7 C's on the page.
That's a total of 3 different pages introducing the 7 C's. Granted that is his flagship product, he could just state what CBL (Character Based Learning) is and then link them to the product page where they can buy the books. Each of those pages contain a lot of information, maybe too much. If a short description is given about Social Skills or CBL, he could then tell them to check out his books and link them to the products page. Just an idea.

I've spent some more time on the menu, and actually put together a working one. I've posted it over my ISys 201 project to keep me from any embarrassment, though this is no professional work, it's a basic idea: ChoiceSkills Header Mock-up. All of the links should work. I had trouble with the "Other Resources" menu. It has two sub categories, "Social Skills" and "Char. Ed." "Social Skills" should then also have two subcategories, "Teachers" and "Families," each with a few links. This seems like a rather long menu, and could possibly take the users to a static page with an outline of all the resources and a brief explanation of their relevancy to the site.

I also wasn't sure how to make the menus fit their contents dynamically, I just made them all the same size, so some of the elements don't fit quite well (particularly under the "Articles" menu).

This actually took quite a while to do. I've had no experience with javascript, so luckily I found a javascript menu making tool, which I thought was pretty dang cool. You just enter in the menu titles and contents and then download it. I tweaked the colors and settings after seeing what everything did. Here's a snapshot of what it looks like:

I hope my efforts won't be negated by Ben Robison's template for the site, I've tried to use similar colors. I didn't add a blog link, but that should be easy enough to do.


P Clint said...

Lee - awesome job here.
Thanks for taking the time to do this. Perhaps we should have you come into the eBusiness Center sometime on Wednesday or Thursday to show us more of the details of how you implemented this?

Mom said...

What a beautiful little girl! She looks so pretty in her Easter dress and bow! It makes me antsy to hold her! That is some scooter you have there. Quite sharp!
I love you,