Friday, May 25, 2007

A Banner Is Unfurled

My dad introduced me to a new LDS book series entitled "A Banner Is Unfurled." To many it may look like another Work and the Glory, but it is so much more. It is based on the real life stories of the Johnson family and their struggles during the time of the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ. What makes this so much more enthralling is that my family is directly related to the Johnson family. The father, Ezekiel Johnson is my fifth great-grandfather, and Benjamin F. Johnson is my fourth great-grandfather.

Joel Johnson, Ezekiel's oldest son, wrote the words to the hymn, "High on the Mountain Top," giving the series it's title. All the accounts were pulled from their journals, and the authors (who are also related to them) fill in the gaps with what they've studied about church history and what they know of the characters in the Johnson family.

It has definitely been a testimony strengthener for me to feel so much more tied into the history of the church, to get to know my great-grandparents and see what sacrifices they made to follow the prophet Joseph Smith. It is incredible to read about their faith that kept their family together and the struggles that threatened to tear their family apart.

Even if you don't have any ties to the characters, this is an excellent series. Currently there are two books out, and I'm almost done with the second one.

For more info check out the book's website and an article from Meridian Magazine.


Lindsay said...

So is it historical fiction (like Work and the Glory)? Or is it non-fiction? Either way, it does sound interesting.

Stacey said...

I guess I need to read this book too. Joel H. Johnson was my grandfather's great grandfather. So, in a way I guess we are related! Cool!

Jordyn said...

I am as well directly related to him. My grandmother just told me about him, I've been doing some research and looking things up. I think it's neat how so many people can be connected by him.