Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Card Game: Golden Ten

I learned this game back on a 50 miler in northern New Mexico in 1998. I then honed my Golden Ten skills in Mr. Hicks' Physics class my Junior year in high school.

This game is related to Hearts, but is adapted to use with Rook cards for those who choose not to play with poker cards. A Rook deck consists of 57 cards, with four colors: Red, Green, Yellow, and Black. In each color, cards are numbered from 1 to 14, and then there is the Rook. For this game we will put the Rook card out of play.

Number of Players: 3-7

Object: Avoid winning tricks containing red cards, while trying to win the trick containing the Golden (yellow) 10.

The Deal: Deal cards one at a time as far as the deck will go, with each player receiving an equal number of cards. With 3, 5, or 6 players there wil be one or two cards left over, these are set aside and will be awarded to the winner of the first trick.

The Play: The player to the dealer's left starts by playing a card for the first trick. Play continues clock-wise in like manner. When playing to a trick you must, if possible, play a card of the same color as the lead card. If you have no cards of that color in your hand, you may play any card. The person who played the highest card of the color that led wins the trick and leads the next.

Winning: When all the cards have been played, each player counts the value of the cards in their tricks. Each red card counts 1 point against you, with exception to the red 5 and 10 which count against you with their full face value. The Golden (yellow) 10 counts as negative 10 points. Play to a predetermined score. Some variations have the Golden 10 only negating red points (max of 10), and if a player has less than 10 red points, the score is simply reduced to 0.

Source: http://www.pagat.com/reverse/golden10.html

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P.S. You forgot to mention: "I didn't even remember this game, or that I had ever played it, until reminded by my much cooler and more card-savvy friend Ryan just about a month ago."