Friday, May 18, 2007

Fun ways to save money

Sherrie and I have tried to put together a budget. We were successful for a month or two, and then we got lazy and haven't done anything for the last few months. Our spending habits haven't changed, but it was nice to know where our money was going in advance, and I think it did help us save more. The method we chose to use is the infamous envelope method. This required us to cash in part of our pay checks and put the cash in its respective envelope (Medical, Gas, Food, Entertainment, Eating out, Fun, etc.). I think it will still work, but I ran into a website called It has a ton of games you can play to help make saving fun. Not all of them are going to help you be a millionaire, but they help you to be more prepared for little emergencies.

For example, one is called the Pay to Use Game. You start off with one appliance, let's say your washing machine. Every time you use your washing machine you deposit $1.00 (a standard price to use a washer in a laundromat). The money that is saved here can then be used for washer repairs, or to purchase a new washer in the future with cash. It will also help you to make sure you use your washer more efficiently. Once you get one appliance down, then you move to others. Some of the other ideas are:
  • $.50 every time the refrigerator is open
  • $1 for every degree you raise the temperature of your heater in the winter
  • $2 every time you get in your car to go somewhere
This is just one of the numerous ideas on this website. I highly recommend giving it a look. If anything it will make money a much less stressful issue in your home and add a little more fun to your life :) .