Thursday, July 12, 2007

Evan Almighty Is Mighty Funny

First of all, for all those Annalee fans out there photos of her are appearing in places other than my family pictures link! You'll find them on my parent's photo link located on the web page ("Don and Janet").

Steve Carell can be funny and clean at the same time. This movie was excellent. It had a very strong and powerful message about the importance of prayer, how much God loves his children on Earth and will give them the power and knowledge to act in the manner in which He commands us, and how important it is to do acts of random kindness in order to change the world. The film is rated PG and follows the same type of humor that exists in most comedies of the same rating (which sadly is sometimes followed by poorer acting--with exception to Steve Carell).

I don't remember hearing any swearing, there was no sexual innuendo, the only thing they could have done without were the numerous dog-biting-crotch episodes. I highly recommend this flick to any one who is looking for some good clean humor and an inspirational message.


sherrie bebe said...

I second this post. Finally a movie that leaves you feeling uplifted and with a desire to be better.

Lindsay said...

Well, huh. Maybe I'll have to reconsider my opinion of this movie (which, of course, was created after only watching previews...hmmm...). I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!