Monday, July 30, 2007

Word of Wisdom

This last Sunday the topic for Gospel Essentials was the Word of Wisdom. Having been raised in the church this wasn't anything new to me. We went over the revelation in Doctrine and Covenants and listed on the board the things good for the body (grains, meat sparingly, fruits and vegetables, adequate sleep, etc.) and those not for the body (tea, coffee, illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.).

Understanding all this doesn't make it easy to tell someone you don't use that certain substance. Here at work everybody drinks coffee all day, and I don't touch it. They oviously ask me why and I say, "I'm not a coffee drinker." I hate saying it's against my morals, or religion, or whatever, because it makes it seem like I'm saying, "I'm better than you." I don't know all the "medical reasons" for not using these substances, but something came up in class yesterday that shed a whole new light on the topic.

Our teacher brought up the fact that 100% of people aren't negatively affected by using these substances. Some people can drink or smoke and not receive any harm to their health. But this is not the norm. It was suggested that the reason this commandment was given was to help those who can be harmed by these bad substances. If we all, as a group of saints, adhere to these rules we will be more of a strength to those of us who would fall into addiction if we weren't prohibited from taking these substances. So it's not really a restriction, but an opportunity for us to provide a safe and healthy environment for those around us.

Another important side note deals with the possibility of having a certain medical condition for which one of these bad substances is medically prescribed (wine, marijuana, etc.). We need to pray about it and consult with our local leaders (Bishop, Stake President) to find out if this condition is a test of our faith or if it is ok to comply with the subscription.

What do y'all think about this new insight?


sherrie bebe said...

Well, I had the fortunate opportunity to be in the class with you and I, too, was quite impressed. I'd never thought of it in that light. It kind of makes me feel better about keeping it...not necessarily to protect myself, but to help others stay strong and healthy. We do it as a group and we are all united in the cause. It's definitely a better way to look at the word of wisdom.

sherrie bebe said...

I forgot to mention that I love the picture!

janet said...

I know that the adversary knows of our weaknesses and our strengths. Where some of us are weak there are others that will be strong. That is a very important message that we make sure we are there to help strengthen others.

Brandon Malan said...

just tell someone who has been drinking coke or coffee to stop...if they agree stay away from them for a couple of weeks cuz they are going to be pretty grouchy from their caffeine headaches!