Thursday, August 23, 2007

Liberalism and King Men-ism I

I read a very good article the other day by Orson Scott Card. I asked some friends and family for their opinons on it, because I wasn't sure how true his opinion actually was with regards to the war in Iraq. My father-in-law drew a very good comparison to the wars being fought in the Book of Mormon, and you'll see this comparison as you continue to read. Mr. Card starts off his article saying:

"History does repeat itself. Never exactly -- there are always enough differences in the details that people who are determined not to learn anything from the past can find an excuse.

"But history shows patterns precisely because human beings don't change."

He then discusses many of the mistakes made by Great Britain (and the rest of Europe) with respect the rise of Nazi Germany and the start of World War II. He even goes further to explain the flaws of Winston Churchill, and talks about some of the real heroes of Great Britain. Orson Card does all this to bring us to what he feels are seven lessons we must learn from history:
  1. When the press has decided to report only one side of the story, the public is ill served.

  2. If you do not believe the threats of an insane enemy and destroy their war capacity early, when it can be cheaply done, you will pay for it in blood and horror.

  3. Only fools believe that an enemy cannot do what he threatens to do.

  4. Only fools allow their best allies to be neutralized before the war begins.

  5. Remember the big picture. However much you might want to achieve a short-term goal, you cannot let yourself be distracted from the primary objectives of the primary struggle.

  6. Everybody makes horrible mistakes; the side that learns from its mistakes and relentlessly moves forward is the one that will win.

  7. Without leadership, the cause of democracy cannot be won.

Mr. Card then discusses the mistakes that have been made in pursuing this war in Iraq, and they are not few, nor insignificant. But we cannot revel in the fact that mistakes were made, we have to move forward in the best way possible right now. The past is past, and we just need to learn from it and move on. In short, with regards to the war in Iraq, the steps we need to take now are:

1. Withdrawing from Iraq is not an option. Not to save face, not to save our honor (though those are actually not trivial goals), but because if we do not have our troops all over Iraq, we will not be in a position to deal with the main threat, which is and always has been Iran.

2. There is no way, by bombing alone, to neutralize Iran's nuclear threat. After all the lessons of air-war history, it is astonishing to me that anyone still believes that air power alone can ever be decisive against a determined enemy.

3. Since, like Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and 1864, President Bush has no reason to believe that his successor will pursue the war to victory, he has no choice, for the good of America and the world, but to defeat Iran before he leaves office. Time is running short, and I see no sign that he recognizes this.

If we elect appeasers in 2008, we deserve what will happen to us.

But do our children deserve to inherit that hideous world?

Fanatical Islam is not a religion. It is the lust for power and control over other people. It is a destructive, evil force that will sweep away all that is good and fine in this world.

And right now, if we only have the courage and will, we -- and only we -- can save the world from that dire future.

So the question remains: Are we too stupid to learn from history? Must we, on the verge of victory, turn our future over to the fools and appeasers?

That's what the polls are saying right now. Those polls will change. But, as with England in 1939, the polls will change too late. Without leadership, the people do not see the danger in time.

Americans just want to be left alone. Our enemies are determined not to leave us alone. But our media, our intellectuals, and the Democratic Party are trying to soothe us and assure us that we don't actually have to fight anybody. We can win just by sitting still and ... being America.

America didn't get to be America by sitting still."

To be continued...

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janet said...

How true this is! We must keep ourselves abreast of all that is going on and take an active part in talking to our representatives. What responsibilities we have living in this great land!