Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The AJAX Control Toolkit Modal Popup Extender's Postback

I spent the good part of a week and even had to work on Saturday to figure out a problem developing a webpage for work. I was trying to get the AJAX modalpopupextender to postback data from a gridview back to it's parent form. After asking several resources and posting my question on several forum's I discovered that what I was looking for was not a capability offered through, I had to do some funky work arounds I found here. I'm trying to post this solution everywhere I can so that the next unlucky person to tackle this problem might find some solace at one of my solution sites. Happy coding!

Thanks again to


Jonathon McGuire said...

THANK YOU for posting this!!!! I've looked for a solution for a week with no luck. Your link fixed me right up.

Drew said...

That link did the trick for me too, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy LOL!