Friday, October 05, 2007

LifeHacker: a wealth of invaluable information

I stumbled upon a new blog, that is either one of the best blogs to follow or the worst. The best because it gives suggestions and solutions from how to get rid of headaches or organize your tangled globs of yarn to some of the coolest and geekiest downloads/hacks. The worst because it can be time consuming reading every single interesting post. At any rate, it has something for everyone. I thought I'd list some of the coolest posts I've found there over the last few weeks:
Anyways, I recommend checking it out. Since there are easily more than 10 posts a day, you may want to consider using an RSS reader (e.g., Google Reader). Happy blog reading.

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Coach Ann said...

Boy! Your list is interesting. I need extra time just to go through those. I'm looking forward to visiting them all.