Friday, November 23, 2007

Big Boss Lee's Republican Primary Poll

There was even some tampering on my poll...what sad people to think they could have any influence by racking up the votes of their favorite candidate. Did they really think I'd believe it? As of the evening the poll was closing Mitt Romney had about 20 votes, McCain had 2 and Giuliani had 2. Then out of nowhere, Giuliani had 30 votes, in only a couple of hours! And they all came from the Salt Lake area. My father-in-law said he knew of some people that spend all day looking for those types of polls and try to vote as many times as they can to promote their party. As far as I know the majority of the people that visit my blog I figured would vote for Mitt Romney, and I was right, and that's what I wanted to affirm. For every one reading this take it with a grain of salt and please comment, and be intelligent about it.

I'm not even sure for whom I'm going to cast my vote. Nobody stands out. Several of them have good stances on some things, and others not so good stances. So below is my analysis of the candidates that have the most redeeming qualities, though some major faults.

McCain supports homosexual unions, not marriages, but just living with each other in order to get benefits from the government as all other unholy 'unions' in our country do. That's something that is clearly against our beliefs as Latter-day Saints. "We believe that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God....Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose....We declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife." He is the only Republican to have served in war, he has been in the US Senate for a long time, and will do a slam-bang job at protecting our country from those who wish to hurt us. How much more this is going to be an actual "shoot-em up" war or turn into more of an economical one, who knows, but it's shoot-em up right now. He doesn't want to kick the illegals out, he wants to help them earn their citizenship, but he does want to strengthen our borders.

Giuliani is probably one candidate I wouldn't support just for his stance on abortion. He personally isn't for it and isn't necessarily going to fight for it, but the fact that he won't fight to protect the child's life bugs me. "We affirm the sanctity of life and of its importance in God's eternal plan." He also supports, along with McCain, same sex partner benefits. Let me get this straight, I'm no homophobic I realize everyone on earth is a child of God and it is my goal to treat them as such. I can love the people and still despise the sin. I can help them find places to receive counselling and understand their true purpose on this earth. But that's an issue for another post. Giuliani has plans to repeal certain tax cuts on the wealthy On a different note, what Giuliani did for New York City was amazing and I'm sure he would do a good job at helping secure our country. Even if he was "only" mayor, that city (NYV) is the size of a small state! And with one of the worst crime records at one point, he turned that city upside down.

Mitt Romney has had some flaky stances on both rights for homosexuals and abortion. How does a good member of the LDS Church realize in his 40s that abortion really is bad. He also wants to kick all of the illegal immigrants out of our country. Now I don't want any trouble makers here either, but they're here, and nothing has been done about it, and the majority of them are helping us more than hurting us. Sure we should be more strict about letting people in and strict about the conditions on which they can stay here. I've gotten to know many immigrants (most likely here illegally) that are hard workers, convert to The Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and plan on returning to there country in the future with the skills and knowledge they have gained here. Do we want to kick these people out of our midst when so many of our fellow Americans just want to sit back on welfare and let the government pay for everything? Who are the ones that really need to be put back in line?

Romney is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has been publicly noted. This isn't a default vote for Mormon's, only for those who don't do their research. Mitt has some strong values, and I believe as a publicly noted Mormon he will do his best to not tarnish that reputation. He is a good business man, and in a capitalistic society that's the type of man that will help our society grow.

I've mainly been looking at these candidates, because I don't believe the others have much of a chance, and they don't have any amazing attributes (none really do). Any comments on where you think I'm wrong/right? Most of the things I've listed have come from, it seems like a pretty unbiased site. I'm also starting to watch some of the past and current debates to get a better feel of each of the candidates persona. I'd appreciate your insights.


Anonymous said...

I think you should be open minded to the Democratic party as well. Please promote diversity on your blog! You should not have expected all your poll results to have been leaning toward Mitt Romney, instead a little variance would have been interesting. Your thoughts?

Officer Leeroy said...

The poll I had on my blog earlier was just to see what would happen in the republican primary with regards to those who visited my blog (irregardless of their political persuasion). I've thought of putting up a democratic primary poll to see what my readers would think then. I just personally tend to lean toward republican values (e.g., against abortion, gay marriage, government-run health care, and for strong foreign policy). I'd like to hear more of your opinion. I figured one way to get people to comment on my posts was to present myself on one side of an issue so that others might feel a little more compelled to state their opinions, especially if they disagree. I appreciate the time you did take to comment. I'm by no means close minded and love to hear other's comments. Any way in particular you were thinking that I could promote diversity on my blog? The main reason I expected Mitt Romney to 'win' the poll, is because the majority of my readers are LDS (Mormons), and I wanted to promote a little diversity to them by talking about more of the Republican candidates.

Ryan said...

WARNING: This comment is long. It is not intended for people that are illiterate or illogical.

Personally, I can see why Mitt has changed his stance on both abortion and gay marriage. I, too, have had different views on these two moral topics over the years. For me, the issue used to be "Does the government have the right to regulate this activity?" Up until a few years ago, my answer was “No”. I believe in small government & free agency and don't like to give public officials more authority than necessary.

As I hinted before, I have changed my answer to "Yes" on both counts. I have decided that I do not support gay unions, the central feature of which (wrt to govt) is the government-regulated benefits of marriage. These benefits can all be categorized as subsidies, and I will only subsidize a person’s choices that lower social liabilities. Heterosexual marriages provide the biological basis for childbirth, and families provide the basis for training those children to be moral citizens. Children raised in a two-parent home have a much lower risk of drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, & poor school performance, all of which reduce my social liabilities by reducing the amount of taxes required for social programs (e.g., law enforcement, welfare), making marriages & families worth subsidizing.

I have decided not to support abortion because, in addition to the life it extinguishes, it teaches people that they can separate the choices they make from the consequences of those choices. Pregnancy & childbirth are natural consequences of sexual intercourse. If a woman & a man do not want to have a child, they should make that choice one trimester before they would otherwise consider an abortion.

To wrap things up, I feel that Mitt’s personal & business life show him to be a man of integrity. If he runs under a certain platform, I trust him to honor that platform after his election, regardless of what his stance may have been previously. Sadly, the lives of McCain & Giuliani offer me no such assurance.

Katrina said...

Hey Lee! I appreciate this thoughtful post. I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on Huckabee. He's been moving up and standing out more. I was impressed with him in last night's debate. A few weeks ago I didn't know who he was, but now people are talking about him more. And I have to admit, I like what I've heard from him.