Monday, November 19, 2007

The Future of Books?

Amazon has just developed an awesome new technology that could revolutionize book reading. It's called Kindle, kind of a weird name, but it's pretty cool. It's a wireless device that allows you to download any book anywhere without a connection subscription cost. The only cost is the cost of the book which is a fraction of what you could buy it for in the store. I'll let you check out all the features in the videos on the site.

I still haven't found much use for PDA's unless you travel a lot. I can see SmartPhones and PDA Phones being more useful, but then again, I'd mainly use it for a phone, which is probably a lower quality phone than most other simpler options.

So what would make me pay $399 for this? If I traveled a lot, this would be a must have. Since I like buying books more than getting them at the library, or else if I like the ones I read from the library I go out and buy them, maybe this would end up saving me money in the long run because books seem generally cheaper on it (at least new best sellers do, $9.99 instead of $25). It's also a very good size and weight. Other than that this would just be a really cool toy that would eat up a couple Christmases and Birthdays, and I can think of a few cheaper options that will make me just as happy.

Could you see your self using something like this?

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Coach Ann said...

I read about this and thought it was neat too. I still like to listen to my books while I'm working, and I download ebooks and magazines to my phone already. I just need to make sure I have my glasses so I can read the small print! Actually this device does sound nice, and it has it's own kind of wireless system to download anywhere and you don't have to be around a computer. I agree that it is quite pricey though. I'll wait until the bugs get worked out and the price goes down.