Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Best Free DVD Collection Manager...So Far

I've been trying to find a good DVD collection manager to better see what I have, track who I've lent DVD's to, what DVD's I've already seen, etc. I've even started exploring how to create my own application using Amazon web services to get the DVD info, but I haven't had too much time to do much with it.

I did find an application that does most of what I'm looking for. DVDSpot is an online DVD organizer. If you have all your movies in a text file you can upload that text file and have DVDSpot import all the information for those movies from IMDB. Not every movie is on there, especially if you are a collector of older movies, but the program also lets you input information into individual movies.

Another cool feature is that you can send out movie night invitations to a bunch of friends. An email is sent out with the date, time, place, and movie for the night. You can even have them RSVP if they are dvdSpot members.

The only complaint I have is it's export functionality (or lack thereof). It would be great if you could export all the information for each movie into a database, but the only thing you can export is the UPC, Title, personal rating, and watched date. If any one knows of an easy way to get this data from here or any other source (imdb, amazon, etc.), I'd be mighty obliged.

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