Monday, March 31, 2008

A Latter-day Saint Perspective on the Constitution

For family night I was inspired to review the importance of the Constitution of the United States. I thought I'd put it into a slide show so I could share what I learned with others. I compiled the majority of it from my American Heritage reading, Just and Holy Principles, specifically from a discourse by President Ezra Taft Benson on the 200th anniversary of the Constitution.

We've set some goals to read through it and make an outline that will be easy to commit to memory, as well as to make sure we help our children to learn and know it. The Constitution is an inspired document given to us by the hand of God, it is our responsibility to make sure righteous men and women are elected to represent us and defend it. We, too, must be able to defend it and understand how it blesses our lives.

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don&janet said...

Lee, thank you so much for this inspired message. Dad and I will have to do this one after the wedding for Home Evening.We have some great holidays coming up to share it with others, as well. I love you and thanks again!