Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Digital Journal Writing

I've been wanting to go through my mission journals for sometime, but never seemed to make the time to sit down and read them. One thing that motivated me to finally do it is to transcribe them. I bring the journal to work and take 15 minutes of my lunch break to type up a couple of entries and store them online (using Google Docs or Zoho). Hopefully this will serve as a good backup in case anything happens to them.

I started with the MTC and it was neat to see my growth the two months I was there. I was beginning to get annoyed at myself at how "amazing" everything was and the fact that I didn't explain anything as to why it was amazing. Then, the last week or so there, I actually started expounding on the spiritual experiences I was having. If you're keeping a journal, make sure to not just list the things you've done but try to communicate your actual feelings and things you've learned. Those items are what will help the reader the most.

I've also started keeping my current journal online because I can add to it where ever I am (provided there's a computer nearby). I know it doesn't capture my actual handwriting and that can take away from the personal depth of the entries, but I can include photos a lot easier, and it will allow me to share it with my family a lot easier too, and not have to worry about losing the original. My blog is also a good journal source, though I don't tend to share intimate personal experiences here.

Have you all had any recent journal writing experiences? At what point would you begin sharing your journal with your family?


Lindsay said...

Funny you should post this...I was just thinking that maybe it'd be a good idea to type up my old journals so that there is a digital copy of them. It's a daunting job, though...I was an avid journal scribbler growing up. It's tapered off as I've gotten older...but then, I've also discovered blogging which, while it hasn't totally replaced my handwritten journal, it's certainly enhanced it. I'd like to, one of these days, maybe use Blurb.com's software and publish my blog in book form. Digital's great and all, but there's something happily tangible about hard copies.

Officer Leeroy said...

I feel the same way about having a hard copy, and actually looked into Blurb and Lulu, but I couldn't get Blurb to download my blog, and with Lulu you have to already have put your blog content into a word document to publish it. I'm currently in communication with the Blurb tech support, though they asked me to give them access to my google account, not very professional at all. I"m sure other options will soon surface.