Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Bipartisan Rant: Obama for President

Why do political parties exist? They seem absolutely worthless. I'd like to do some research on why they came about (possibly stemming from those for upholding the Constitution and others wanting to keep the Articles of Confederation, but that will be another post.) You have Republicans thinking that democrats are evil and vice versa, and with the misunderstandings /lies spread about the opposite party, can you blame them?

I've been raised in a very conservative environment, and from what I understand the LDS (Mormon) faith is quite conservative as well. By conservative I mean - pro-life, upholding traditional marriage (between man and woman), complete abstinence, etc. mainly a push for more conservative morals than anything, as the Church stays as far away from politics as possible. I feel that the republican mindset is that democrats are evil because they want to obliterate our agency by increasing government involvement in our lives by increasing taxes and government programs that steal from the rich to give to the poor and middle classes. I don't think that democrats can possibly be so Marxist/Satanic.

What's wrong with the government extending a little help to those who have had no chance to make something of their life? Sure the welfare program needs reforming, but both republicans and democrats are aware of that and nobody elected seems to do anything about it.

I think we can all agree that the reasons for going to war in Iraq were not the best, but things have gotten better (we've at least done some good, though at the expense of the morale of the American people and derision of the globe), whether the President is Obama or McCain the war will probably end soon under either person, making this a moot point.

What about the economy? It makes absolutely no sense to blame the state of the national economy on one person. Just take Economics 101 and you will see that it's much more complicated than that. We just don't know enough about what's going on so we tend to blame the guy at the top. I'm sure some of the decisions that have been made in our government have contributed to our current economic state, but our government is made up of republicans and democrats, and with what little I know, the democrats make up a majority of the House and we're split in the Senate.

The list goes on and on. Why pit your party against the other, why not look at both and determine which things are good and which are bad, measure them against the candidate that best fits that mold and not be afraid to support someone your party is against. I admit that I don't know either candidate's position on a lot of issues, but because of my background I tend to stick with the republicans and then I end up thinking anything the democrats do has to be wrong. With that in mind I think I'm going to say I'm voting for Obama, unless I can find some evidence before the next election that sells me on why I should vote for McCain. It seems as though I'll have to sift through the garbage the republicans and democrats dig up about each other's candidates to find out about the issues that really matter.

If anybody knows of some legitimate source of info on the candidates and their issues I'd welcome your comments. I've come to like US News and World Report and Article 6 Blog. I do listen to talk radio once in a while to hear what the "hot topics" are (do democrats have anything similar?)


robbienmeri said...

Lee -

I think most people would agree with you that they don't completely align themselves with everything one party strives for. I know my Mom the last election wasn't excited about Bush, but what he stood for with respect to conservative morals outweighed the war. I have been listening to a lot of talk radio and it's too bad you don't have cable because then you could watch Hannity(conservative) and Colmes(liberal), which I also like to watch because it gives you both sides. After Romney dropped out of the race I considered voting for Obama, but the more I learn about him, the more I can't believe I ever considered it. McCain is not the republican I wanted, but at least you know what you are getting with him. Obama is one of the most liberal senators today, and with several seats on the supreme court that will opening during the next 8 years, it is important that a conservative president elect conservative judges that will uphold the constitution and not legislate from the bench. I have heard some people that are voting for McCain for that reason alone, because those appointments will have a great impact on the future of our country. What do you think about all of Obama's radical friends/associations? The reason conservatives are looking at that is because we have no record to judge since this was just his first term as a senator. I don't think I can trust him. He seems to have some good ideas for new government programs, but no real way to pay for them. He wants to raise taxes in an economy that is on the brink. He seems to stand for change that I don't believe in. What are your thoughts?

Officer Leeroy said...

I think everybody has friends that end up doing things that are questionable or possibly illegal. Unless he spends a lot of time with them, I think that isn't a very fair judgement to make. As far as his church goes, I'm sure there are leaders in our church that say things that could be called into question, probably not anti-american, and maybe not so blatantly racial. I don't know enough about his religion to make that call. Even then the constitution says that no religious contest will keep a man from becoming president. Does his church really focus on racism and hate every single time they meet? I find that hard to believe, I'm sure they spend a lot of time talking about what most churches talk about. I don't think any of the televised sermons are fake, I'm appalled at what was said. Obama ended up resigning from the church anyways, who's to say he's realizing that his critics are right and that he needs to distance himself from those bad influences. Romney was all for abortion up to a few years ago and he switched, I commend him for it, as I think I commend Obama for distancing himself from a religion that dabbles in too much political/non-gospel related material (for which I don't think the discussion has anything to do with religious contest, those views if held by Obama would destroy our country). I realize there isn't much to judge him by, but I think more appropriate probing can be done than what has been done. I'm still in the process of doing research on his change proposals, so I'll be commenting on this post again I'm sure.

sherrie bebe said...

My two cents: I think I'd rather stick with what I was raised with (conservatism) and look for reasons why I should go the other way. It will also require lots of research to truly understand it all, since while I trust my parents and their knowledge, I don't want to remain ignorant forever. I have an open mind, but if all else fails, I'd rather go the conservative way. As you and I have discussed before, some of the most important issues are moral ones and I know I agree with the Republicans on them. Since that is where I have the strongest opinion, for now, that is my deciding factor until I better understand the other issues. FYI: I also don't understand the purpose of opposing parties. Why can't candidates just run and everyone votes for the one closest to what they want?? I'm sure they serve some purpose, but I don't understand it.

markymark said...

Well Lee, here's what I think:

I think Obama is a Marxist with socialist views on about everything related to government. His church that he attended for 20 years, is heavy on the Black Liberation theology that I disagree with strongly. It leads people to believe they are victims of society, not a product of their choices. Not to mention, one of the best places modern day racism can be found.

But back to his Marxist views. He is proposing many large new programs that our country can not only not afford, but can be considered unAmerican (socialistic, anti-capitalistic, communistic, etc). He is a radical representative of the radical left in our country. They want to pass "windfall" profits taxes (completely unAmerican, since when could you make too much money in America?) that would set an extremely dangerous precedent for further "windfall" profits taxes on any industry the government decides is making too much.

I think the republicans have a strong candidate, McCain. I'm a little biased as he is an alumni of my high school :-P But anyway, he is a solid candidate with tons of military, government, and senate experience. He knows the world leaders, he knows how to finish the job in Iraq successfully, and he is not afraid to bridge the enormous rift between the democrats and republicans. He is going to fix the border first before addressing immigration reform and he is an environmentalist.

If he chooses Mitt Romney for VP, then I believe he will have sealed the deal.

Coach Ann said...

i agree with Sherrie. I am concerned about both candidates, but I would rather stick with the one who generally shares my conserative views. Unless there's a valid reason to switch, I think it's too great a risk.