Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama: Strike 1!

On the Economy
According to Obama's speech on the economy, he blames credit card companies and partially John McCain for American consumer debt. It seems that the democrats try putting the blame of national crises everywhere but where it belongs. Another example is that the state of our economy is all Pres. Bush's fault, go take a lesson in economics people! It sounds a little too much like the priests of King Noah.

Could it also be that interest rates aren't high because credit card companies are bad (for the most part) but also because of the number of people who file bankruptcy and never pay back their huge credit?

On the Environment
Obama wants to create a tax on the windfall profits of oil companies? Won't that just increase the cost of R&D to find other oil, causing a rise in the cost of oil in the long run? Oil companies might make $.10 on the dollar, the rest is already going to the government. Since when is a windfall profit bad, isn't that the point of capitalism, aren't we leaning a little closer to socialism with his ideas?

On the Supreme Court Vacancies
I'm glad someone pointed out the possibility that we would be forfeiting 6 seats in the Supreme Court (though I haven't found any news articles on it). A fully democratic run gov't would be bad (as is a fully run republican gov't) we need both views present and balanced in order to best represent the people. (If you can prove otherwise be my guest, but I still don't believe democrats are 100% evil or that republicans are 100% holy). Though in the case of the Courts, we need judges who espouse the Christian views of the majority of the US, who will uphold the sanctity of marriage along with other Christian ideals, it is quite obvious that republicans win this debate.

I've still got Obama's biography to watch. If anyone see's anything Obama would do better than McCain, please comment!

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markymark said...

Wow, 6 possible Supreme court vacancies. That's a terrifying thought. Just look at how close some of the rulings have been in recent days. Upholding the right to bare arms INDIVIDUALLY (5-4). They almost took that right away! Exxon Valdez ruling was also 5-4, too close for comfort. This favorable outcome has the possibility of lowering insurance rates and capping punitive damages (finally).

How about a bad example, allowing terrorists to use our tax money to tie up the civilian court system in meaningless litigation. They now have more rights than the Nazis had! Never in history has this been the case. Now our sworn enemies can sue us in our own courts, that's just stupid.

Here's another one, remember when the Boy Scouts of America were taken to court? They ruled in favor of the BSA 5-4. What would have happened if they had gone the other way? baaaad news.