Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight and Ultra-Portable PC's

The above have nothing in common, I just felt like I occasionally need something other than religion and politics in my blog.

I've probably watched all of The Dark Knight movie trailers several times over. I read a good part of the articles and reviews on the movie and cannot wait to get to the theater to see it. I don't know what it is about Batman that fascinates me, I've never even read a single Batman comic book. It probably has something to do with the fact that Batman is very mortal. He has no supernatural powers, unless you consider wealth such a power, and he takes justice into his own hands. Whether or not this is "right" is debatable, but what else do you do when no one else seems to care about making a change for the good?

There has been quite a bit of hype about the joker and how Mr. Ledger is deserving of an Oscar for his role, but I could honestly care less about the Oscars. It's just a bunch of people with weird perceptions on what makes a good movie or actor. They never consult "the people," at least I never got a ballot. That's why I'd like to take movie critiquing into my own hands.

The other thing that has grabbed my attention is the new line of ultra-portable laptops that various tech companies (Asus, Acer, HP, etc.) have come out with. I'm trying to rationalize the need for one, but I'm not quite convinced that it's the wisest purchase right now. The specs keep getting better with each new model of the EeePC. Acer came out with a cheaper option with a better processor. HP's is more of a standard laptop in a smaller case (regular hard drive) and seems to be pointed more towards business travelling needs, and is pricier.

I think I'll wait another month or two to see what type of price drops will be happening with the back to school crowd and see if other laptop makers will be jumping in on this end of the portable PC market. Lenovo, Vaio, and Mac are kind of out of the question as they decided to charge close to $2000 for their versions.

Most of these come with a webcam, linux, a decently sized hard drive that is shock proof (can be dropped from several feet with no damage to the insides), nice size screen for the overall size, long battery life (developments are under way to make this even better), etc... enough to make any techie drool.


Rob said...

The 2 reviews I read said that the Dark Knight is too dark and they did not recommend for anyone who could not drive to it. That makes me a little nervous to even watch it. Of course, I am one of the few that think the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series were too much on the dark side.


Officer Leeroy said...

I found a very deep article on Christopher Nolan's talent for "designing dark tales of quests for redemption" on I still haven't seen the movie, but this is a good analysis of all his films and a comparison to M. Night it!

Coach Ann said...

I like the portable laptops. I'll have to wait for the next hand-me-down! :)

Sparky said...

It is dark. Heath Ledger gave probably one of the best performances i've ever seen in a movie. It was long. it had a great storyline. but like i said it was a little disturbing at spots. I would be interested to know your thoughts on it if you see it. Personally it is in my top 20 movies i like...maybe top 10...BUT it is dark! :)

Sparky said...

oh and GO MAC!

Officer Leeroy said...

I saw it this last week and it exceeded all my expectations, and they were pretty high! It was dark, I'm not so sure how much my wife would like it, at least on the big screen, but I think I'll make her watch either way :). It was really deep too. I'll write more on it on our movie blog, and try to give a somewhat decent analysis of it for only having seen it once so far.