Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Card Game: Spoons

Number of players: With a regular deck no more than 6-8 players.

Object: Collect 4 cards of a kind and/or don't be left without a spoon at the end of a round.

Set-up: Place a spoon for every player minus one in the middle of the playing area. Deal 4 cards, face-down to each player.

Play: Dealer takes the top card and then decides on one card from his hand to give to the player on his left, face-down. All players do the same when they receive a card from the person on their right. When one of the players gets 4 cards of a the same number they are to take a spoon from the center of the table signaling to everyone else that they should hurry to take one. The person who doesn't get a spoon either earns a letter from the word "S-P-O-O-N-S", or is eliminated from the game. For each player that is removed from play, you must also remove a spoon.


robbienmeri said...

We played this all the time when I was little. It was definitely a favorite for sleep overs and when we were with my cousins. I want to play spoons now? Anyone up for a game?

Stacey said...

I haven't played that game in awhile. Remember all those game nights at your house back in the day? Fun times. Although when you add the word "killer" in front of spoons, put the spoons in an adjacent room and play with Donald and Becca things could get a little messy. There was some bruising involved but so much fun. :) Thanks for reminding me about this fun game.