Sunday, October 19, 2008

Card Game: Double Speed

Object: Get rid of your cards before the other player

Number of Players: 2

Setup: Deal the entire deck, face down, equally between the two players

  • Both players hold their decks face down in one hand and at the same time flip over four cards (face up) in front of them (see diagram below).
  • Each player then tries to be the first to flip over a new card on any pairs on the table. For example, below there are two 2's and two 5's, either player can flip a card on top of those cards.
  • The same could go if there are 3 of the same number down.
  • If one of the players were to flip a card on top of the 5 below, and the new card was also a 5, another card could be flipped on top of the second 5.
  • When there are no longer any pairs on the table, you gather the four piles on your side and put them at the bottom of your deck. Each player then lays out four new cards from the tops of their decks and another round begins.
  • Play continues until either player has cards in his hand, once the last card is flipped over, play ends and that player wins.

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