Thursday, October 02, 2008

Card Game: Speed

Number of Players: 2

Object: To get rid of all cards before the other player.

Set-up: 4 piles in a row between you and your opponent. First and last pile have 5 cards each (red), face down. The middle two piles (blue) are only one card each face down. Deal a hand of five cards to each player (green), and then deal the remaining cards into two refill piles for each player (purple).

Play: Each player then flips over a middle (blue) card at the same time and then builds on top of those numbers (either up or down) sequentially. If the highest card ends up on top you can place the lowest card on it, or a card of value one less than the high card. Similar for a low card. When the cards in your hand get below 5, use the refill deck (purple) to replenish your hand. The first person to play all the cards from their hand and refill deck wins.

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