Monday, December 15, 2008

BitPim: Easily Manage Any Cellphone

I have a Motorola Razr and find it extremely annoying to enter in contacts, calendar appointments, or do anything but call people on it.  I have no real need for a blackberry or other type of smartphone; I'd rather not be that attached to work.

The other day I came across what could be a dream come true.  There's an application called BitPim that allows you to sync your phone's data (contacts, calendar, photos, music, text messages, etc.) to your computer, edit it there and then re-sync it.  So ideally you could manage your calendar from your computer, or import a list of contacts from a .csv file and virtually anything else that makes your non-smart phone that much more useful. 

I did have some initial problems getting setup, but this website helped me get the necessary drivers I needed to get my computer to recognize my phone.  There are some other quirky things with it, it doesn't seem to be super reliable; but I have been able to successfully download my contacts and pictures so far, and was able to upload a new set of contacts (I downloaded my ward directory from in a .csv file and loaded it into my phone in a snap!)

I'll keep playing around with it and follow up with any new finds.

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