Monday, December 01, 2008

The Sound of Music

Though my "CD collection looks shiny and costly" it is not quite as extensive as some I've seen. I consider myself to have a very broad taste for music, and I'm always ready to try something new. I thought I'd share a few things that have helped my love for music grow.

Internet Radio

I've tried,, iTunes, and a few others. I am overwhelmingly pleased with Pandora. Though it doesn't always guess the music that you like and sometimes plays the same songs over and over it's my favorite. As long has you have a station for every style of music you like (you have to have a broad taste for this to work) you will be endlessly supplied with music you like as well as music worth investigating further.

Buying Music

I used to buy CD's until very recently. I signed up with which ships you a new CD every month for only $7.50, a pretty good deal, if you don't mind purchasing the entire album. I found that there are very few artists for whom I will spend more than $10 on their new album. So I've switched to buying music digitally, and I avoid iTunes and Walmart like the plague. I hate digital rights managment (DRM), it's a nightmare for anyone who like to have their music in more places than just their computer or who don't own an iPod. and are two places where you can buy DRM-free music, which means there is no security software keeping you from transfering your files to a backup drive and allow you to play it when you restore those files on a new computer.

Buying digitally allows you to only get the songs that you like. Some musicians feel that this is wrong because it depletes their earnings. To me, it says, "make every track on your CD worth buying, or let me buy the only one or two good songs on it separately." is a new website that I really, really like. It allows you to listen to any song once before you buy it! It also give you the option of buying a "web only" version of the song for $.10 or less so you can listen to music you don't feel like paying $.99 for. Lala gives you 50 free web songs when you sign up, and even more if you get others to sign up (so let me know if you're interested :) . It's also a bit of a social networking site and allows you to follow other friends' listening patterns. As I mentioned earlier, the music here is DRM-free and the prices are comparable and sometimes better than

Sheet Music

I've had a heckuva time finding piano sheet music online. seems to have a really good library, but there should be more sites than that. They are a little over priced than what you could get at a music store, but it does save you the trip of driving and waiting for the order to come in.

Ever since disappeared, I've lost the drive to look for new guitar tabs online, any suggestions here?

What technology has fostered your love for music?


Kyle Mathews said...

I really like as well. I've been using it now for a month or so. I've long since exhausted my 50 free credits and have moved on to spending real money.

It fits me perfectly because a) I only listen to music on the computer b) it's dirt cheap!

Great stuff.

Lindsay said...

Hey, thanks for the info. This is helpful. That sounds great. I'd like to try it sometime. (If I do, I'll let you know.) We use Pandora and YouTube here. Pandora's nice because it introduces us to new music without commercials, and YouTube's fun, but it's hit and miss. We don't have an mp3 player, and our computer doesn't have enough memory to store too much music (it'd most likely have to be stored on our external hard drive), but I love adding to our music collection...I love finding new things to listen to.

Coach Ann said...

I have used the Virtual Sheet Music site for sheet music. They have classical and special occasion music. I don't know how much pop or modern music they have. Their website is