Thursday, January 15, 2009

Marriage Advice

I read Robert L. Millet's Men of Valor a while back and loved it.  I need to go back and read it and write down some of the things in it so that I remember them better.  

One of the things I really liked about it was the advice he gives to newly weds.  Millet said that when his kids first started getting married, he had a laundry list of advice; but over time it's boiled down to two things that are needed to keep a strong marriage:
  1. Don't take offense
  2. Always assume the best
It's definitely not something easy or maybe even possible to achieve in this life, but it does definitely cover a lot of ground and has helped me better evaluate myself.  What do you think of this advice?

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don&janet said...

I sure wish someone would have told me that when we were first married! By doing this, you avoid the defensive wall that would otherwise be built. I also think you become a better listener and are therefore kinder to each other. Instead of jumping to conclusions it gives the spouse a chance to fully explain. (ie--So, are you saying...?) Great communication will develop!