Friday, May 01, 2009

Media Collection Managers

About a year ago I had posted about some media collection managers that I had tried out and liked.  Unfortunately the one I liked the most (DVDSpot) went away about six months ago and I haven't really found a comparable one yet.  The closest I've found is, which looks like almost the same code.  The one thing that makes it not that great is the uploading feature.  You have to have a list of all the UPC's to upload them, and I don't have a code scanner or the desire to buy one.  DVDSpot allowed you to upload a list of names and then you could select which one you owned if it came up with multiple versions of the same DVD.
  • I've tried's "My Movies" but there is no upload feature, so the only time I add a movie is after I see it and am on the movie page reading the trivia or other people's reviews.
  • A lot of people talk about DVD Aficionado, but it's just not an appealing website, and not worth it overall.  Similar to IMDB, you have to search for the movie to add it.
  • DVD Corral has had a most welcomed face lift, and I will have to try it out again.  [5 minutes later] In fact I just did, and I happened to find my old DVDSpot export which contained all the UPC's for the movies I owned at that point.  This one actually has me excited!
Anyone else using an online collection manager they love?  Maybe one that does books and music as well?


Sparky said...

no...but what i did was bought a portable hard drive and just put all of them on is time consuming though...but i don't have to rely on an internet connection or anything like that and i have a backup of all my dvd's, music and pictures in one convenient spot!

markymark said...

I like this site Lee, I'm going to use it for my DVD collection so I can keep track of what I have.