Monday, August 17, 2009

Where do you get your news?

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I've recently purchased an online subscription to our city newspaper ($5/mo.). Up until now I've been mainly going to various news websites (and plan to continue to do so), but have felt somewhat disconnected from what goes on in the city I live in.

How valuable is a newspaper (online or in print) compared to the tons of information you can get for free on the internet? For one the internet is disorganized and a big time consumer and a newspaper has limited space to tell you what's going on. On the other hand, the news on the internet is mostly free.

Does your method of reading the news encourage you to participate as much as you can? Do you get informed enough to feel comfortable to voice your views to your government representatives or are able to make an informed argument for one policy or another?

What do you all think? What do you do?

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Cannibal King

This is probably one of my favorite songs I learned at scout camp. Sorry, I will not be posting an audio file of me singing it (unless you need it for a campout or court of honor, in which case I'd be happy to help).

Oh, the cannibal king with the big nose ring
Fell in love with the Indian ma-a-aid
And every night by the pale moon light
Across the stream he wa-a-de

He'd hug and he kiss his pretty little miss
Underneath the bamboo tree-e-e
And every night by the pale moon light,
It sounds like this to me-e-e:

A-ROOMP (kissing sound) (kissing sound)
A-ROOMP (kissing sound) (kissing sound)
Honey won't you marry me-e-e?
A-ROOMP (kissing sound) (kissing sound)
A-ROOMP (kissing sound) (kissing sound)
Underneath the bamboo tre-e-e.

If you'll be M-I-N-E mine
I'll be T-H-I-N-E thine
And I'll L-O-V-E love you
All the T-I-M-E time
You are the B-E-S-T best
Of all the R-E-S-T rest
And I'll L-O-V-E love you
All the T-I-M-E time!