Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Becoming Better Citizens, part 2

I've been thinking a lot lately at what more I need to do (with all my free time...) to be a better citizen.
  • Stay up-to-date on U.S./World/Local news and government proceedings
  • Be familiar with the Constitution and other important political literature
  • Research candidates for elections that you can participate in and vote
  • Pray for you elected officials (whether you voted for them or not)
  • Read the Book of Mormon
  • Other ideas are in the presentation I posted a while ago (some reiterated above)
I can't imagine this list is exhaustive.  What do you do to be a better citizen?  Does anyone volunteer time in their community or other areas?  If so where and when?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Obama to talk to our elementary school kids?

Apparently Pres. Obama is going to broadcast a speech to all elementary age kids via the internet on September 8, 2009. Of course there's a lot of speculation as to what he's going to "indoctrinate" our kids with. Given that elementary age kids were advocating healthcare reform at Ted Kennedy's funeral, and in light of the hot topic of healthcare, there's a chance Obama might ask these impressionable kids to urge their parents to be more supportive of this national need and brainwash them into becoming liberals.

I find that ridiculous. Pres. Obama may be shrewd and silver-tongued, but I don't think he'd stoop low enough to speak of something so meaningless to elementary school kids, where they would be better off reviewing for their upcoming spelling test. It's the first day of school for children across the nation, and I think he'd just like to give them some encouragement to work hard.

However, I believe that the federal government should have nothing to do with public education, and that by being so involved they actually make learning less effective. "No child left behind"? I believe that does everything to leave behind those kids who are most likely to succeed and focuses on those who will have less influence on our country's future. By serving the bottom of the barrel (be it education, or healthcare, or welfare, etc.) our government is denying better programs for our country.

To be continued with a discussion on "The Selfish Republican."

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Becoming Better Citizens

We've decided to dedicate our 5th Monday family nights to learning more about our country and how to become better citizens.  I ran across a couple articles by Ezra Taft Benson (America at the Crossroads and Christ and the Constitution) on the website latterdayconservative.com, a great reference for talks and quotes by LDS church leaders regarding the importance of being active citizens in our families, communities, and Nation.  Below are some of the highlights I pulled from those two talks as well as an awesome video on the War in Heaven.