Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cool New Music

I've found some new really cool music and thought I'd share it with everyone. Not that my previous tastes have changed, I've just found more music that I enjoy. Most of this has been discovered via and further tested on if I haven't decided to buy the song off of lala and I've already used up my one free listen for whatever time period they track it for.

Jack White has got quite the talent. He's with the White Stripes (if they're still going with his divorce - he was in it with his now ex-wife), he's done some solo work and duets, he's also in two other bands, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. I love the song he did for the latest James Bond movie with Alicia Keys and I love about 80% of the songs on the latest Raconteurs CD. The Raconteurs are like a mix of great 70's classic rock - Boston, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, CSNY, etc. Check out this song:

The Dead Weather, at first listen, was amazing too, but after listening to it a second time I was less impressed and found it more disturbing than likeable.

The Flaming Lips is a band I haven't heard too much of, but the few songs I've heard, I really like. I was introduced to them several years ago, but just am now rediscovering them.

Glen Hansard, at least from the Once sound track, has some great talent as well. Almost a Cat Stevens sort of sound, but with a lot more emotion. AND it's written in 5/4! (which is pretty cool).

I've also come across some great Latin music just by listening to it occasionally on the radio and then looking up the song title and artist by typing its lyrics into Google. Here's a sample of a few: