Friday, January 29, 2010

How to Tie Your Shoes the Right Way

I've been tying my shoes wrong for my entire life!  Just a few days of tying them correctly and they haven't come untied yet, a personal record!  Actually they normally don't come untied, but that's because I end up having to tie a double-knot.  This explanation makes it very clear how to tie a single knot (a reef knot) that will only get tighter as it sits on your shoe, not looser. The video from the site is here below, but check out the actual explanation if it's knot quite clear.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Original NES Games on Wii - Black Screen?

I downloaded Double Dragon from the original NES for my Wii (I had 500 points to use, and it didn't occur to me to use them towards something a little more bad you can't sell them.)  All I could get was a black screen and sometimes some cool DD music. 

It turns out that the old NES games were made to only be displayed on TV's with 200 lines, and my LCD has a bit more.  So in order to magnify the 200 lines to 400 I had to enter into the operations guide for the game (from the game hit the home button on the Wii remote, then select Operations Guide), connect a nun-chuck and then simultaneously hit "Z" + "A" + "2".  The Wii made it's "ding" sound, and the game showed up.  Supposedly the Wii should remember these settings for any type of game like this.  Oddly I didn't have this problem with Super Mario Bros. 3.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 Nephi 20 - Thoughts on God's governing strategy and America's

2 Nephi 20 starts off by talking about neglecting the poor and made me think of today's society. The democrats seem to think that everyone needs to have the same "things." I got to thinking, why does God have a special group of people that he seems to favor and promise things to (the House of Israel) and destroy other nonbelievers once they've served their purpose in making the House of Israel suffer for their wickedness? The scriptures tell us that He is no respecter of persons. So I thought back to the beginning. God revealed his will to Adam who then had the responsibility to teach his family. He taught them, but some chose to not listen and as a result many generations have been lost in unbelief. God will not force us to listen to him. He will make sure that everyone has a chance to accept the gospel, but that doesn't mean they have to.

Now this isn't anything new to me. However, the connection I drew to our government was what made me really think (along with reading in the 5000 Year Leap by Skousen). The Declaration of Independence states that, "all men are created equal." We know that we are not literally equal (not in "physical strength, mental capacity, emotional stability, inherited social status, in their opportunities for self-fulfillment, etc." [Skousen]), Skousen says we can really only be equal in three ways:
  1. Treated as equals in the sight of God
  2. Treated as equals in the sight of the law
  3. Treated as equals in the protection of their rights.
Skousen elaborates on number three by saying,
"The Founders distinguished between equal rights and other areas where equality is impossible. They recognized that society should seek to provide equal oppportunity but not expect equal results; provide equal freedom but not expect equal capacity; provide equal rights but not equal possessions; provide equal protection but not equal status; provide equal educational opportunities but not equal grades.

"They knew that even if governmental compulsion were used to force its citizens to appear equal in material circumstances, they would immediately become unequal the instant their freedom was restored to them. As Alexander Hamilton said: 'Inequality would exist as long as liberty existed.... It would unavoidably result from that very liberty itself.'"