Thursday, January 21, 2010

Original NES Games on Wii - Black Screen?

I downloaded Double Dragon from the original NES for my Wii (I had 500 points to use, and it didn't occur to me to use them towards something a little more bad you can't sell them.)  All I could get was a black screen and sometimes some cool DD music. 

It turns out that the old NES games were made to only be displayed on TV's with 200 lines, and my LCD has a bit more.  So in order to magnify the 200 lines to 400 I had to enter into the operations guide for the game (from the game hit the home button on the Wii remote, then select Operations Guide), connect a nun-chuck and then simultaneously hit "Z" + "A" + "2".  The Wii made it's "ding" sound, and the game showed up.  Supposedly the Wii should remember these settings for any type of game like this.  Oddly I didn't have this problem with Super Mario Bros. 3.


Sparky said...

Interesting...On a different note you need to get Mario's totally awesome...

Yeager said...

Thx, man.

You save my life.