Thursday, February 17, 2011

Card Game: Golden Ten (Hearts with Rook cards)

Card Type: Rook Cards

Number of Players: 3-7

Object: Win the lowest number of points

Deal: One card to each player, uneven cards are placed in middle for winner of first trick.


  1. Player to left of dealer plays a card, play continues counterclockwise other players follow and must play a card of the same color of the first card.  If a player does not have that color, he/she may play any card of their choosing.  
  2. After everyone has played a card, the trick of cards goes to the person with the highest number that matches the color that was led. (Winner of first trick gets uneven cards that weren't dealt.)  For instance let's say the following cards were played: Red 3, Red 6, Green 14, Yellow 9.  The Red 6 would win, because it was the highest card that matched the leading color (Red 3).
  3. Winner of trick leads next hand.  Hands are played out until no cards are left.
  1. Red cards are each worth one point, with exception to the 5 and 10 which are worth their face value.
  2. The Yellow (Golden) 10 is worth -10 points
  3. A negative score can occur if you have less than 10 points and win the Golden 10 (a variation can be that the Golden 10 just resets your score to 0 if you have less than 10 points).
  4. Do not keep a running total of points.  Just add them all up at the end.  Do not go through your piles to figure out which cards have been played; tricks won should be placed face down next to you.


Bloodsucker said...

what happens when you have all the red cards

Something Clever said...

Not very likely, but if it happened it would be a very easy game for you. If it was your turn to lead the first trick, you would win every trick because no one could beat you with a higher red. You would take all red cards and also the golden 10. If you did not lead out, then you would lose all tricks and score no points.