Thursday, October 13, 2011

Liberty Defined: Empire

A mixture of thoughts and summary from Ron Paul's book Liberty Defined.

The American Empire is the enemy of our freedom.  Our military occupies 135 countries.  We're as pervasive as the British Empire at its zenith, only instead of colonies, we occupy the world militarily.

We support the dictators of Arabia, Egypt, and other countries, Saddam Hussein was our ally at one point.  We supported him for a decade with their war against Iran.  He came to us and made sure it was OK for him to invade Kuwait, and we said, "Sure!" (What a perfect opportunity to turn our back on him, label him a tyrant, and begin our infiltration into the Middle East!)

We claim we're fighting a war on terror, a state-less war, an ideological war, yet a war that we insist fighting with bombs and guns, killing thousands of innocent people who just want to live their lives in peace.  In a year, our country has suffered as few as 14 deaths as a result from terrorist activities, yet thousands upon thousands are victims of homicide or car accidents and we don't spend near the effort to prevent those.  Some of the main reasons for terrorist threats are a direct result of us invading other countries and killing their citizens.

All this is horrifically placed under the guise of spreading Democracy.  Do we really spread peace and democracy with a military?  A democracy is nothing but mob rule, or rule of the majority.  Our country was created as a republic to limit this weakness of democracy.

As long as we continue to interfere in others lives by throwing elections, staging military coups, invading countries, and killing innocent people, we are an American Empire, one whose fall is not far distant at the pace we're going.

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