Wednesday, September 05, 2012

AppleTV versus Roku

Having both a Roku XD and AppleTV (latest version) I've come to prefer the Roku.

Reasons Roku is better:

  • Amazon On Demand Video (including prime)
  • Plex (for streaming media)
    • AppleTV has iTunes, but I really don't like iTunes and don't own any other apple products
  • Loads of other channels
    • AppleTV is really lacking in the channel market
  • Less expensive, get a refurbished XD for $65!
  • Simpler menu structure
    • Apple seemed to have too many layers to get to a movie (particularly Netflix), I felt I had to click too many times.
If you have other Apple devices, you may prefer the AppleTV for it's integration, but if you don't, don't waste your money - unless you plan on modding it with XMBC when it's available (most likely what I'll do).

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